How can you contact us?



How can you contact us?
We are available for any requests or questions related to our services, don’t hesitate to contact us with this form.
Is my website compatible with all web browsers?
When we finalise the creation of a website, we check that it is compatible with the latest versions of all Internet browsers, i.e. Internet Explorer, FireFox, Google Chrome, Safari, etc.
Do you make mock-ups before developing the website?
For each client we create a mock-up for their website. If the model suits the client, we move on to development. If it does not suit him, we adapt the model to his demands. In the case that the model does not correspond to the image that the customer wishes to send back, we create a new model according to these preferences.
Will my site work on mobile?
All the websites we create are compatible with mobiles (Android, iOS).
Is there a commitment when creating a website?
There is no commitment on our website creation offers. Once your website is online it belongs to you.
Do I own my domain name and website?
Wether it’s for the domain name or for the website, you are the owner. The website and the domain name belong to you.
Are you able to develop specific functionalities for my website?
We develop customised sites, which is why we can adapt to any request.